Monday, December 6, 2010

Evie's Plant (Dummy Book)

So our final project for Children's Book involved making a 29 page book over the span of a month. We had to design the story and sketches as well as execute 3 spreads. The sketch and story phase took a bit and a few tweaks to get the flow right, but I'm happy with the turn out. But here it is bound.

I chose to work with acrylic washes overlayed with colored pencil. I had yet to try it and saw something similar in a rather amazing children's book whilst babysitting. I was originally going to do watercolor washes since I hadn't used them, but towards the end the time crunch got the better of me and I didn't want to experiment with such short time.

And these are the 3 spreads that I chose to color.

[I also note that while I didn't want to experiment with watercolors due to a time crunch, I spent 6+ hours trying to figure out how to make it look like a real book. x_x;;]

All in all, I'm pleased.


  1. I'm impressed! I'm absolutely in love with "And awoke in a land of plants." Could I have a print, please, ma'am? :)

  2. Yes ma'am you can. :)
    Did you want it with or without the words?

  3. Oh, I love this, it really looks like a real book. Very good work!