Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sea ship (late)


As previously mentioned, here is the final for the process piece in Tim Bower's style. I'd been fighting with my scanner to get a better image, however unsuccessful. If I can get the painting back from my brother, I'll try to scan it up again since this is before I had made revisions and before I went darker and added hightlights.

Semi-thought process:
Sketches. The boxes of color are to seperate the articles as well as the personal images. We had a choice of illustrating an article or just playing with ideas of our own.
I picked out those I was most interested in and put them next to eachother to help decide. These are the refined sketches with quick color comp overlay.
After laying out my idea and having a quick color scheme in mind, I set to drawing out the image on illustration board. Then came the layers of gouache just to establish the forms. I wasn't sure at this stage what color I wanted the framing to be so I just went into the ship and some more layers of the hair.

A bit of a jump ahead, I decided the frame and went in to that. Then I tried one of Tim's techniques and started to pull up old layers to 'freshen' the paint and just pull it around with a wet brush. I added more to the hair and the face

And so forth and so on til the end.

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