Saturday, April 30, 2011

Help, I can't decide!

So I'm no type guru and I have come to a wall. I found some fonts I like, all of which are commercial and non-commercial usable, and I've narrowed it down to four. the dilemma comes down to 1 ultimately which I just can't seem to choose. Any suggestions? I have no clue. D: Help?


  1. My vote is for the top right font. The bottom left one could work if the corners came to a hard edge instead of a round one. The round edge on it makes it look a little too Comic Sans-y. Also, if there is a lighter weight version of the top right I would do that as well. Just because your line work around it and color palette are all so delicate that you don't want the font to get too strong. Hope I've helped :)

  2. You did indeed, as did all of those on facebook. :) Thanks so much! I think I'm partial to the top 2. I'm going to try and hand-letter them and see which one comes out the best. And the font color will definately be toned down. I think i threw down whichever color I had selected at the time. :) It'll go more subtle for sure.
    Thanks again!