Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BFA madness is coming to an end

So I realize I've neglected any info to my bfa on my blog for 2 months now. Well here it goes.

The idea: Using art college as a safety blanket to break down all barriers, discover yourself and then face the real world.
The method: Originally was sought to use a projector, but the gallery space wouldn't allow due to lighting. Thus it turned into light/shadow boxes that project the shadow creatures onto the back of the images.

And after 2 months of working like crazy to get my senior bfa project finished, it feels great to say I have turned it in. But there's still hanging it in the gallery, which is later tonight so it's not over yet.
I'll make another post later with gallery pictures and photos of them hanging with the back lighting on it. Or maybe I'll just edit this one. Who knows.

Edit as promised:

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