Friday, October 1, 2010

Nightwing Redesignignign

My first redesign for Superhero Cocoa. It had to be musically themed so I decided to interpret nightwing as a raver. I started with a male figure, but every twist and turn made him look gay, so I ditched the idea and made it a chick. I also tried my hand at some more detailed inking with my new sable and fresh sumi ink just to see how it'd go. I'll post sketches as soon as I get them scanned in as well.


  1. Wewt! Great job. I especially like the detail and shading on the pants. I think you've made Nightwing look better as a girl. ;-P

  2. I agree with Dustin!!!! The lineart is fabulous. Way better than I do with a have a steady hand.